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  1. Suchada Lohamat

    I will go to study in Hangzhou Normal University. I plan to fly from Bangkok to Guangzhou at late night of 4 Sep and will take the earliest domestic flight from Guangzhou to Hangzhou on the 5th of September, 2012. I have enquiries as below.

    1. If my check-in luggage is more than 20 Kgs, how much per Kg I have to pay?
    2. Doest CZ allow student to have free check-in luggage up to 40 Kgs?

    Warm Regards,
    Suchada Lohamat

  2. Rosa Maria lou

    I made a booking flight to name David garcia lou, I donĀ“t know if it is ok because I had not recived a confirmation in my mail. I am wating for your answer.

  3. decy


    Please inform us the reservation number so that we can check it for you


  4. decy


    Actually it’s not too much, please check with the airline counter, in fast, it is 20kg for all economy class seat


  5. Nifareeda

    In case, i’m already book my flight(CZ-economy class,20kg) , but i want to add more weight how can i do?
    And other Quetion. If my passport expired and i will have my new passport with new passport number. Can i go to check-in by old passport?if i not contact the airline before my flight start,can i?(but i hold both passport)

  6. decy


    Passengers who purchase economy class can transport an hold baggage with a maximum allowed weight of 20 kg, by paying an extra fee that depends on the chosen destination, also passport number can be changed before the flight date, please tell us the new passport number so that we can make change for you


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