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Beijing Airport Code

Beijing Airport Code: PEK

Flights to Beijing from China Domestic Departure cities

Changchun(CGQ) to Beijing FlightsChangsha(CSX) to Beijing FlightsChengdu(CTU) to Beijing FlightsChongqing(CKG) to Beijing FlightsDalian(DLC) to Beijing Flights
Fuzhou(FOC) to Beijing FlightsGuangzhou(CAN) to Beijing FlightsGuilin(KWL) to Beijing FlightsGuiyang(KWE) to Beijing FlightsHaikou(HAK) to Beijing Flights
Hangzhou(HGH) to Beijing FlightsHarbin(HRB) to Beijing FlightsHefei(HFE) to Beijing FlightsHohhot(HET) to Beijing FlightsJinan(TNA) to Beijing Flights
Kunming(KMG) to Beijing FlightsLanzhou(LHW) to Beijing FlightsLhasa(LXA) to Beijing FlightsNanchang(KHN) to Beijing FlightsNanjing(NKG) to Beijing Flights
Nanning(NNG) to Beijing FlightsNingbo(NGB) to Beijing FlightsQingdao(TAO) to Beijing FlightsSanya(SYX) to Beijing FlightsShanghai(PVG) to Beijing Flights
Shanghai-hongqiao(SHA) to Beijing FlightsShenyang(SHE) to Beijing FlightsShenzhen(SZX) to Beijing FlightsTaiyuan(TYN) to Beijing FlightsUrumqi(URC) to Beijing Flights
Wuhan(WUH) to Beijing FlightsXian(XIY) to Beijing FlightsXiamen(XMN) to Beijing FlightsXining(XNN) to Beijing FlightsYinchuan(INC) to Beijing Flights
Zhengzhou(CGO) to Beijing FlightsZhuhai(ZUH) to Beijing Flights

Flights from Beijing to China Domestic Destinations

Beijing to Changchun(CGQ) FlightsBeijing to Changsha(CSX) FlightsBeijing to Chengdu(CTU) FlightsBeijing to Chongqing(CKG) FlightsBeijing to Dalian(DLC) Flights
Beijing to Fuzhou(FOC) FlightsBeijing to Guangzhou(CAN) FlightsBeijing to Guilin(KWL) FlightsBeijing to Guiyang(KWE) FlightsBeijing to Haikou(HAK) Flights
Beijing to Hangzhou(HGH) FlightsBeijing to Harbin(HRB) FlightsBeijing to Hefei(HFE) FlightsBeijing to Hohhot(HET) FlightsBeijing to Jinan(TNA) Flights
Beijing to Kunming(KMG) FlightsBeijing to Lanzhou(LHW) FlightsBeijing to Lhasa(LXA) FlightsBeijing to Nanchang(KHN) FlightsBeijing to Nanjing(NKG) Flights
Beijing to Nanning(NNG) FlightsBeijing to Ningbo(NGB) FlightsBeijing to Qingdao(TAO) FlightsBeijing to Sanya(SYX) FlightsBeijing to Shanghai(PVG) Flights
Beijing to Shanghai-hongqiao(SHA) FlightsBeijing to Shenyang(SHE) FlightsBeijing to Shenzhen(SZX) FlightsBeijing to Taiyuan(TYN) FlightsBeijing to Urumqi(URC) Flights
Beijing to Wuhan(WUH) FlightsBeijing to Xian(XIY) FlightsBeijing to Xiamen(XMN) FlightsBeijing to Xining(XNN) FlightsBeijing to Yinchuan(INC) Flights
Beijing to Zhengzhou(CGO) FlightsBeijing to Zhuhai(ZUH) Flights

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