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2 Days Beijing Private No-Shopping Tour

The overall experience was great. Our tour guide was so funny and we got to learn a lot about the Chinese culture. I think China Tours should provide the tour guidance corporate clothes so you can easily recognise her/him. The tour was supposed to be from 8:00 to 18:00 both days but Tiannmen square was closed by the authorities and for the second day around 13:00 we were done and we couldn’t quite figure out what to do so we asked the driver to take us to the train station instead. Since this is something not that unlike to happen in China I suggest to China Tours to have a backup plan for those situations. It was supposed to be a non shopping tour but we were offered to buy tea into a tea shop, jade at the Great Wall and silk stuff into a shop, so I don’t quite know the difference if we could have done it with shopping instead, well I do....the price.

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