Beijing subway is perhaps the cheapest subway in the world. CNY2.00 for all subway lines(except Airport Express) with unlimited transfers. There are signs and broadcast both in Chinese and English. Therefore it is easy for foreigners who speak English to get around Beijing by subway. The following are the steps for foreigners to take subway in Beijing.


Step 1: Find the right subway route.

Find the right subway lines according to your location and destination. Google Map is a good helper. Note down the route in case you forget or you need to ask help from others.

Step 2: Get to the subway station.

Find the right subway station. There will be safety check when you enter the station. Your carry-on bag will be examined by the X-ray machine.

subway station entrance

Step 3: Ticket checking.

If you have a transportation card, you can use the transportation card insead of buying a ticket.
There is a ticket office in each station. CNY2 for a one-way ticket. You can also buy the ticket from the auto machine. The machine only accept coins and small notes, such as 1, 5, 10yuan note.
The ticket is a kind of IC card, you need to swipe the card when you check in. Ticket checking in the station is autumatic.There are auto barriers which are closed before you swipe the ticket card. You need to swipe the card on the card reader area, then the barriers will open to let you pass.

beijing subway ticket check

Step 4: Get to the platform.

Sometimes, there are more than one subway lines in the transfer station. Follow the signs in the station and you will find the right subway line. Usually there are two trains of opposite directions, make sure you find the right one. Wait in line and prepare to get on the train.

beijing subway

Step 5: Get on the train.

Please allow the passengers to get off before you get on. Approaching stations are announced in both Chinese and English and posted electronically in most subway cars.

beijing subway2

Step 6: Get off the train.

Get off when the train arrives at your destination. Follow the sign “Exit” to get out of the station. Usually there are four exits of different directions, choose the right one according to where you want to go. Before you exit the station, you will have to pass the auto barriers again using your ticket or transportation card.


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