Beihai is a coastal city in Guangxi Province. it is located at the south end of Guangxi Province, which is about 170 km away from Nanning. Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Province. It has been of great convenience to travel around Guangxi Province since the running of high-speed trains. It takes only 1 hour and a half to travel between Nanning and Beihai. There are 13 pairs of trains available everyday. There are also 5 pairs of high-speed trains available between Guilin and Nanning. It takes about 4.5 hours to travel between the two cities.

Attractions in Beihai

Silver Beach

Silver Beach is 8 km away from the downtown of Beihai. It is a good place to the beautiful beach and sunshine.

beihai beach

Weizhou Islet

Weizhou Islet is a volcanic islet. It is 36 sea mile from Beihai downtown. It is a good place for vacation.

weizhou islet

Beihai is not a typical tourist destination for foreign tourists. If you would like to take a Beihai tour. Please inquire our tour adviser.


If you have been to Beihai Park in Beijing, you might get confused with the name of the city. The city in Guangxi and the park in Beijing share the same name “Beihai”. However, it doesn’t have any relation.

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