Jingzhou Museum was founded in 1958. There are more than 130,000 relics in the museum. They include bronze, pottery, lacquer, silk fabrics, jade, bamboo slips, china and so on. The exhibitions are “The Exhibition of Relics in Prehistory”, “The Exhibition of Bronze in Jianghan Plain”, “The Exhibition of Bamboo Slips Excavated in Jingzhou”, “The Exhibition of Jade Excavated in Xiongjiazhong Tomb”, and “The Treasure House”. The whole museum covers an area of 50,000 m2, which include display building, treasure house, office building, relic store and an old temple. There are 105 workers in the museum, and 20 of them are professors. Especially the relic protection professors are very famous in the whole China, for the skill of lacquer. The propaganda and education in our museum is also very active. We carry out lots of activities with students and schools.

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