Fenghuang Ancient Town, literally means Phoenix Ancient Town, is known as the most beautiful town in China. It was first built in the year of 1704(Qing Dynasty). Over 300 years’ history, it still remains its original apperance.

Ticket fare
CNY148 valid for 3 days, can be extended for free at the ticket office.
Children under 1.2 m are free of charge.
Ticket Office: Entrance of Culture Square, Fenghuang Tourist Center, Ancestral Temple of Yang Family, Gate Tower of North Gate
Scenic Spots in Fenghuang Ancient Town:
Former Residence of Shencongwen, the museum of Fenghuang, Chongdetang, Gate Tower of East Gate, Former Residence of Xiongxiling, sail on the Tuojiang River, Wanshou Palace, Hongqiao Art Tower.

Scenic Spots outside the town
Qiliang Cave CNY60
South Great Wall CNY45

Former Residence of Shencongwen

Shen Congwen is a very famous writer in China, who is known as the son of Fenghuang. His book The Border Town makes this small town famous to the world.

Hongqiao (Bridge of rainbow)

Hongqiao, literally means bridge of rainbow. It was first built in the Ming Dynasty and then renovated in 1670.Walking down the bridge, one comes in sight of three scenic spots in Shawan: the Moonlit Bridges over Streams, the playful Fish in Dragon Pool, and the Dazzling Peaks. There used to be eight scenic wonders here, but only three remain now.

Former Residence of Xiongxiling

Xiong Xiling was the first prime minister of the Republic of China. He was born in Fenghuang. He devoted himself into education in his later years.

Though there is no airport or train station in Fenghuang County,it is quite convenient to go to Fenghuang. The nearest airport Fenghuang Airport in Tongren City is only 34km away from Fenghuang County and the nearest train station in Jishou City is only 50km away. After arriving at Fenghuang Airport or Jishou Train Station, tourists may take a bus or taxi to Fenghuang County. Besides, Zhangjiajie Airport and Huaihua Train Station are also often used as transfer stop for Fenghuang County.

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