Luggage Regulations and Children, Infant Tickets

Luggage Regulations for China Domestic Flights:
1. Carry-on baggage: The baggage size can not exceed 20cmx40cmx55cm, the maximum baggage weight allowance for economy class passenger is 5kg per person. The First class passengers can have 2 pieces of carry on luggages. All other passengers can carry on only one piece. Carry on baggage in excess of the limit must be carried as check-in baggage.

2. Check-in Baggage: For all domestic airlines in China, adult and children are entitled to have a free check-in baggage allowance of 20kg for economy class, 30kg for business class, and 40kg for first class.
Infants have No free baggage allowance.
Groups traveling together are able to combine their baggage allowance as total if they check in together.

Children and Infant Air Tickets:
1. For Children (age from 2 years old to 12 years old).
For China domestic flights, Children enjoy Half of Full Prices; when booking a child ticket, please select "Child Ticket" and book it seperately from adult tickets. Remember to provide "Birth Date" information when filling children names and passports, Birth Date is required for "Child Ticket" which must be the same as on the passport.
For example, if your family have child travelling together, you need submit two flight bookings, one for adult(select "Adult Ticket") and one for children(select "Child Ticket").

2. For Infant (age smaller than 2 years old).
Infant must be accompanied with adult when taking flight. Since infant does Not take seat on the plane, infant ticket can be get anytime when you check-in the airport. You do not need to book infant ticket online, please get the infant ticket in the airport when you check-in the airline.
So you just need book adult ticket online in advance, and get your baby ticket in the airport when check-in, infant tickets are always available as they do not occupy seats on the plane.
Infant enjoy 10% of Full Price, one adult can only accompany one baby.