Review of President No.6 Cruiser (Yangtze Paradise) Yangtze River Tour by kurt

President No.6 Cruiser (Yangtze Paradise) Yangtze River Tour

This cruise was a good cruise. We enjoyed it and the itenerary was full and well organized. Trips always have people who make a difference. Some good , some not so good. The shining stars for crew on this trip were Cassie and Ulrica. They did EVERYTHING they could to make the trip wonderful. Any needs or special requests they not only tried but did the extra it took to get it done. We cannot say enough how they took care of us. The other crew members who made a positive difference were "Tony", the officer in charge of the rooms/cabins. I frequently came across him in the halls working. He NEVER didn't stop me to ask if everything was okay. He always wanted to know if there was anything he could do to make our stay/trip better. Excellent crew/officer. We had less interaction with Oscar, in charge of the bar area, but he also was always wanting to make our cruise better and special. These four crew members always treated us exceptionally. On the other hand Officer TONG TING , the officer in charge of the front desk, treated me with disrespect and rudeness. My interaction with her left me upset and mad. She made me feel like she was doing me a favor to help answer my questions and that she just wanted me to "go away". TONG TING alone made us feel unwelcome and unlikely to take this cruise line again. She really had bad manners and I guess the word RUDE describes her the best. I wont let one person destroy the good cruise and hard work by others that made the trip special. However, TONG TING made my good mood disappear for the rest of that evening. and remaining of the trip. That should never happen even for a minute. I also noticed after my interaction with her that when she would approach ,the other crew at the desk , that they would get tense. I watched her verbally "snap" at them and they, ALL of them, appeared uneasy when she was around. Apparently TANG TING is rude not only to guests but to crew members as well. I was to give this cruise a 5 star rating, but because she made me feel unwelcome, and treated me very poorly I will have to lessen my rating to a 4. I understand that Tong Ting alone is the cause but the cruise line is responsible for her and therefore the cruise line will receive the lessor rating because of her.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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