Dujiangyan Panda Base,short for the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) Dujiangyan Base, is located in Qingcheng Mountain Town, Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China. It is 18 kilometers far away from the downtown, north to Taoism Holy Land, Qingcheng Mountain, south to Chuan xi jie zi ancient town.Dujiangyan Panda Valley is now the only base in China  to join  in pandas keeper program and have a intimate contact with with the lovely pandas. Here, you can take part in the volunteer program, and learn some knowledge about the pandas. In this program you can take care of the precious pandas under the staff’s guidance in Dujiangyan panda base.


1.Science Quest: Make you have a comprehension of  the panda field rescue’s story, and let you know how the panda doctor treat the injured and sick pandas.
2.Interesting Trip: Have you know about the pandas’ living habits by visiting the panda’s villa district.
3.Bamboo Forest: Recognize the other field special animals living together with the pandas.
4.Panda’s Dietitian: In this part, you can feed the pandas by making the panda cakes with your own hands. The ingredients will be prepared in advance . It is a experienced part with  interests and create.
5.Love Garden: In this part, you will plant bamboos and trees, then making up your own name card with hang  the name card on the trees. It builds the ecological sense, environmental protection sense, and enhancing the collective sense of honor. This section is quite suitable for the adult with child.
6.Panda Course: The panda specialist will share the common sense about the pandas with you , you can learn more about the pandas.
7.Panda Drawing: It is also a experienced section. In this part, you will paint a picture of  panda. This is a good chance to develop your image and practical ability.
8.Panda Film:  Watch a panda movie. You will see a special movie about  the panda’s daily life,  It can improve the sense of protecting the filed plants and animals through watching the movie about the pandas , got along well with the human beings.

What can you get from the activity?

The volunteer work ends, you may learn something about the Chinese Pandas, you will receive a certificate for this unforgettable day.The Panda Base will send you some memorial presents, such as panda T-shirt, or panda badge as well.


★Tips:  A simple Chinese lunch is included in the panda keepers’ canteen. Usually there are two meat dishes and one vegetable dish. Rice and porridge are also provided. After lunch, you can walk around to continue exploring or have a rest in the volunteer office or the resting room.
All the activities above is one-day itinerary, the participant  can choose the different  as your wills.  We will take some charges about the activity, according to the itinerary you choose. If you would like to extend the tour to a whole day tour, we would adjust the itinerary for you,according to your demands.  Our guide may adjust the itinerary based on the weather, transportation, and your requirements.

Photo Wall

cook1   cook2

The volunteer makes panda cake for the lovely pandas.

fed1   fed2


The volunteer feeds the pandas food.

★ How to get to Dujiangyan Panda Valley?

1.Bus Route: Cha Dian Zi  Bus Terminal → Dujiangyan Bus Terminal→102 bus→Dujiangyan Panda Base.
2.Express Railway: Chengdu North Station→ Qingcheng Mountain Express → Taxi 102 bus → Dujiangyan