Hami, the entrance to inland, locates in the easter of Xinjiang and was a key county along the ancient silk road. With a long history and rich curtural heritage, Hami attracts large number of vistors from all over the world to see its beautiful sceneries and distinctive historical relics. In addition, the city also enjoys a unique ethnic characters; you must have known that Hami is the “home” of Hami Melon. so here you also can taste various snacks made by Hami melon and other westeran region character foods. It has been assessed one of the China’s best tourist cities in 2004. the major highlights here include BaLiKun lake, silk road beacons and the Karlik Glacier,etc. You can reach Hami by highway and railway.
Major attractions:
Hami Sound-sand Mountain:
The Sound-sand Mountain stretches in grasslands intermountain of the eastern parts of Tianshan Mountain. Its relative altitude is from 35 meters to 115 meters. With the help of its special geographic environment and temperature conditions, lying silently on the sands, you will feel the sands’ movement with the wind, as if weeping and complaining with bamboo flute or Xiao(a vertical bamboo flute). A visitor said:”After visiting all Sound-sand Mountain in China, the sound in Hami is the most loudest.” So why not just have a try and compare it with the Sound-sand Mountain in Dunhuang.

Guaishi Mountain:
From its name, it is easy to know there are various shapes of rocks scattered all over the mountain. Several mountains from hill to top are all decorated with thousands of holes and bumps. They are also called as a honeycomb-like cliff or caves with thousand Buddha. The most fascinating and heart-stirring scene is that many small Water Curtain Caves appear after a heavy shower. There is a noted spring in the foot of the hill, the spring actually is well supplying much water of good quality. In brief,
the vicissitudinary Guaishi Mountain experienced a long history and tell them to the later generation day by day.

Kumul Khanate Tomb Tomb:
Located in Huicheng County, 2km fron Hami city, Kumul Khanate Tomb was built around 1840 for burying Kumul Khanate and his concubines of all dynasties. Up to now, there are two of them received a better preservation. Here you can find a unique taste of Islam.

Hami melon festival:
The festival was launched and held by the government of Hami since 1993. Now it has earned a world-known fame. During the festival, you will have chance to taste the most delicius melon and other snacks of special Xinjiang characteristics.

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