Korla, “overlook” in Uygur language,is the capital of BayinGuoleng Mongolia autonomous prefecture, where Xinjiang”s Mongolian nationality mainly live here. Rich in pears, it is also called “Pear City”. Located in the northeastern edge of Tarim Basin, facing the Taklamakan desert in the south. Korla is rich in  tourism resource and listed in the name of the excellent tourist city in China in 1998. In history, the city was a choke point in the silk road, and has many cultural relics which attracted large number of vistors and scientific workers from the whole world. Besides these, there are lots of natural landscape near here involving the wide fascinating Bayanbulak Grassland, the grazioso and mysterious swan lake, the world famous Lop Nor, as well as omniform Yadan View. All those sightseeings, together with the longest Desert Road in the world, it is a good place for people to travel and explore. In the respect of Ethnic Customs, the Nadam Fair (a Mongolian traditional fair) is popular among the local people.

Major Attractions:
Bayanbulak Grassland:
Located in the intermountain of Tianshan Mountain and surrounded by snow mountains, the grassland covers the area of 22,000 square kilometers and was the secong largest grassland in China. the land is flat open and rich in water and grass, so it is one of the major animal husbandry base in Xinjiang.

Bostern Lake                                                                                                                                                                          Bostern Lake is the largest inland fresh water lake in China. The lake looks like a fairyland winning its reputation of being a “pearl” in the desert sea.

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