Review of Victoria: Anna Cruiser, Yangtze River Cruise Tour by Gerhard

Victoria: Anna Cruiser, Yangtze River Cruise Tour

++ Friendly staff on board + Good Food, also a selection of Western Breakfast offers ++ Cabin and Cabin staff - - Upfront the trip, I contacted the Victoria Desk by phone (number was given in the confirmation email). Our question was when we can expect to leave the boat upon Arrival in Yichang. I was told by your staff that we should consider to eariest leave by 13:00 o'clock. (Could be earlier, but for trip planning, I should consider 13:00). Our plan was to hop on a plane to ShangHai the same day, while plane schedules only showed morning flights from Yichang to ShangHai. Thus, we planned to stay overnight in Yicang and booked the plane for the following day. Surprisingly during the sail, we met a Family who told us they will leave the boat already at 08:15 which finally happened. Upon Arrival, we were released at 07:45 to join the dam tour. - - unfortunately we experienced this final rather as a kick out than as a farewell. Thus, we expereinced that end rather as a kick out. Please inform your Office staff that they should better inform customers about the optional early boat leave. Thank you! ++ Overall we gained a lot of worthy Information related to the 3 gorges, also received interesting personal positions about live circumstances got changed by the dam project. Best regards GGK and wife

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