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Yangtze Gold Cruiser, Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour

Great nature, not so nice management. Just 5 seconds on board they tried to sell us an upgrade...and if we dont want that how about an upgrade in another dining room (the food was the same except of one extra meal, so we refused again). There is an piano but dont touch it! There is a Billard table (full size!), but you can't play, the noise would disturb the horrible sound from the karaoke bar. The minigolf was broken, the barbecue bar and the sundeck bar not open. At least the ship was not sinking, from the inside it even looks good. Five star food means here, standing in lines for average quality. There are many tours optional, which is nice for an european, since we dont want to be annoyed by a guide and his loudspeaker, but make sure you get a written confirmation that you may leave the ship without delay. If you dont book the overpriced tours they want to delay your departure for one hour, but that means you will miss the attractions, since the ticket counters close or you just cant make it in time. Well, as germans, we sinply left the ship and enjoyed our excursions - the staff tried to stop us, it felt like it was close to a physical confrontation, but then they decided to let us go after signing that we are resposible for surprising, must be a chinese thing....hidden from the other guests, btw. The georges were really nice. We enjoyed especially the minor georges. The mini georges tour was not possible for some reason. At the end of the tour we were supposed to go through the five step shiplock, but due to the "bad weather" we were told, we couldnt go (it was sunny, blue sky and 30 km vision - in short, horrible weather). To sum it up, its a nice cruise, but may be with another company.

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