Dragon is the only dragon shaped deluxe ship sailing on Yangtze River. For a long time, dragon symbolizes China and it is said to represent the spirits of Chinese people. Dragon actually is the theme of the ship, not only can they be found on beams and painted rafters, also they were sculptured in beds and chairs. Throughout the ship, from reception hall to bedrooms, dragons in various postures are to be found everywhere. Even musical instruments and dances played aboard, paintings and calligraphic works on walls, are all related to dragon in a certain way.

Carved beams, painted rafters, winding corridors, marble railings, golden sculptures and colored antique palace lanterns, all were built and decorated in an imperial style dating back to Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). All the guests aboard will be treated as members from the royal families during that time with delicious foods, luxury accommodations and extraordinary services. All the waiters and waitresses on Qianlong were well trained. They are familiar with Qing’s royal life, as well as contemporary tourists’ needs and know how to make them a perfect combination. They dress in Qing style costumes and serve guests with utmost care. Veteran chefs offer a wide variety of exquisite dishes.

Dragon has 89 cabins, two of which are of special imperial style suites built to resemble the emperor’s temporary dwellings and decorated with red felt carpets. Chairs are with red embroidered backs and black fox skin pillow seats, Mattresses were made of white fox skin, Covers were made of marten and tiger skins. Waiters and waitresses will report the time and wish good health to the passengers in the morning and the evening – like what an emperor received from their servants. There are also 87 standard rooms with an average size of 14.6 square meters.

The ship is 92 meters long and 16.4 wide, with a draft of 2.6 meters. Total tonnage is 2713 and maximum speed in still water is 32 km per hour. Total capacity is 178 passengers. The ship is equipped with central air-conditioning, closed circuit TV, international satellite communication, internet access,bar and coffee shop, library, gym, beauty salon, sauna and massage.

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