Sanguo means Three Kingdoms in Chinese, which was dated back to 220 A.D. and was one of the most well-know periods in China’s history when troops of Wei, Shu and Wu kingdoms into which the country was divided fought fierce battles against each other. Some of the famous battlefields and other historic sites are scattered along the Yangtze River. This 92 meters long, 16.8 meters wide deluxe cruise ship is a replica of an ancient warship then, a mixture of most modern techniques and ancient atmosphere and surroundings.

Aboard the Three Kingdoms, you are starting a warship voyage along the Yangtze River. There are archaistic lookout towers, masts, fluttering banners and flags, and forest of swords and spears; ancient songs played by an orchestra that have bamboo flutes, reed pipes, drums and other traditional Chinese instruments. They all lead you back to a life in later years of Eastern Han Dynasty. This definitely is an extra and valuable bonus on your Three Gorges trip.

Though it seems that you are playing a role in old time of China aboard, do not forget you are served by a group of well-trained people, with many most advanced facilities around you. The ship has 2 Presidential Suites, and 87 Standard Cabins. The average size of a Standard Cabin is 14.6 square meters. On-board facilities include a viewing tower, a sun-deck, bar & coffee shop, night club, sauna, beauty salon, gift shop, satellite communications systems, internet access, in-house movie and cable, stereo music channel, laundry and clinic with massage service.

During the voyage, passengers will be invited to various activities according to personal interests. Martial arts performances are given everyday. Qigong masters will show their stunts. More mind blowing moment comes before the end of the trip: the captain will host a gala-party for all guests on board, which is also a replica of palace banquet in ancient China.

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