Every evening, passengers can enjoy the performance put on by our crew. Singing, dancing, music! The cabaret show is also an opportunity for passengers to display any special talents they may have, whether it be shaking a leg, or curling the tongue…anything! This is a wonderful opportunity to unwind andenjoy the experience while cruising on the Yangtze with Presidential Cruises.

Fashion Shows:
Bring your cameras and your smiles, as our crew presents some of China’s most elaborate fashions dating back to the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). A variety of traditional costumes from all regions of China will reflect China’s cultural diversity.

Feature Films:
If you prefer to simply relax in your cabin, feature films are presented on your cabin television.

To make your trip more educational, we have series of lectures prepared for you, including lectures on Chinese History, Chinese Cultures, The Three Gorges Dam, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Paintings, and lessons on how to speak Chinese, and how to make dumplings.

Tai Chi Chuan:
The term Chuan refers to a school or method of boxing or combat. Tai Chi Chuan is a sophisticated method of fighting based on the reconciliation of dynamically interacting forces. Daily practice of Tai Chi promotes mental clarity and a healthy body, assists with balance and helps the circulation of the blood. Tai Chi is also a vehicle for the realization of surpassing beauty. We offer Tai Chi early mornings to begin the day.

Tea Ceremony
Tea ceremony in China is considered to be a kind of self-cultivation through the procedures of making the tea, smelling the tea, and drinking the tea. We will introduce it to you in due time.

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