5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour

This tour departs everyday.

Day 1: Arrival in Xiamen (Dinner)
If you will arrive in Xiamen before 15:00, our tour guide will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel.Full day trip to Nanputuo Temple and Coastal Road Ring Sightseeing.

Nanputuo Temple: Buddhist temples are common in China. and can be boring sometimes. However. Nanputuo Temple is a must for tourists in Xiamen. a seaside city in East China`s Fujian Province. Even if you are not interested in Buddhism. the surroundings of the temple guarantee you a refreshing experience. Built on a mountain and facing the sea. the temple is in such a scenic area that it makes one envy the monks there. One may have a feeling here that Buddhism is not so far away from secular life. The monks of Nanputuo are often seen on the nearby busy downtown streets. and there are always people who take a rest in the square before the entrance of the temple. The western and the eastern gates provide entrance to the square. and both are fitted with plaques reading ``Famous Mountain on the Egret Island.

Day 2: Xiamen  (Lunch / Dinner)
Full day tour to Gulangyu Islet- Sunlight Rock, Birds Garden, Shuzhuang Garden, Piano Museum, Jimei School Village, Turtle Garden.

Gulangyu Islet: A mere 500 meters as the fly flies across the harbor from downtown Xiamen lies the famous 1.77 square kilometer island of G(or "Drum Waves," because the breakers pound the rocks like drums).The 10 minute ferry ride to Gulangyu costs nothing unless you sit upstairs, where a ticket lady will collect about twice nothing (one Yuan or so). But unless you can swim, you have to pay the piper for the return trip-which at about 1.5 Yuan is still a better deal than Hong Kong’s Star Ferry, New York State’s Island Ferry, or Disney Land’s "Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sunlight Rock: Riguang Rock is also called Moving Rock. It is the summit of Gulang Islet. On the mountain, huge and precipitous rocks form many caves and gullies. Pavilions are hidden among green trees. If you go up the steps, you will come to the Lotus Flower Convent first, where a huge rock named ''A Piece of Tile', sitting on the top forms a hall below. On the large rocks beside the convent are inscribed ''Wonderland of Gulang,'' and ''Number One along the Egret River". Behind the convent are ''the Dragon's Cave of the Egret River,'' ''the Cave of Summer Resort'' and there scenic spots. Close to the convent is the historical site of Zheng Chenggong's Dragon Head Mountain Fastness and the platform for directing the raining of his seamen. Coming to the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. The Xiamen Island and Gulangyu, Dadan and Erdan are all presented before your eyes.

Shuzhuang Garden: First built in 1931 on the southside of the island, Shuzhuang Garden was once a private villa. It became a garden park open to the public in 1955. It is divided into two parts-the Garden of Hiding the Sea (Canghaiyuan) and the Garden of Making-Up Hills (Bushanyuan). It was exquisitely designed to embody three important characteristics in gardening---hiding elements, borrowing from one's surroundings, and combining movements.The principle of hiding elements is embodied in the way the ocean remains hidden from view even if you walk right up to the garden gate. However, once you emerge from the bamboo forest, the seascape leaps into view. Climb the Tower of Tide-Viewing to really get a terrific look at the sea.Borrowing from one's surroundings refers to cleverly using naturally available scenery. Using the original slopes facing the sea, the reefs in the bay, and the shape of the shoreline, the former garden owner built bridges and pavilions at various levels. The panorama changes from a small bay to a vast ocean as you ascend. Here, visitors can taste the spray of the surging waves and get a bird's-eye view of other charming islands. Both Sunlight Rock and Hero Hill (Yingxiongshan) are also visible.The garden also possesses another characteristic - the combining of movements. Its unique arrangement joins a rockwork that includes a maze of connected caves with fine pavilions on the side of the slope. Lovely children chasing and gamboling among the caves represent movement and activity, while people resting in the pavilions give a feeling of tranquility and harmonious contemplation.As a complex of Chinese traditional gardens, Shuzhuang Gardens entices visitors so much that one cannot help but want to see inside.Gulangyu Island has other sights worth seeing including the Bright Moon Garden, the Seasight Watch Garden, Yu Park, and Xiamen Museum. The Bright Moon Garden is located in the southeast of the island with an area of over 20,000 square meters (23921 square yards). It is a statuary garden of national hero Zheng Chenggong with enchanting views. The appealing Seasight Watch Garden boasts villas of various styles of both China and the West. It has become a noted resort for visitors.

Piano Museum: The museum, covering an area of 450 square meters, has 30 famous-brand pianos from Britain, France, the United States, Austria and Australia. They are all over 100 years old. All the pianos were collected by Hu Youyi, who was born in Gulangyu and now lives in Australia.According to an agreement between Hu and the Gulangyu district government, the pianos will be on show for 10 years in the museum and then be donated to the local government.Gulangyu is dubbed "Piano Island" because its 17,800 permanent residents own 620 pianos.

Hulishan Old Foruress:Originally built as a coastal defense in 1823, the fortress has a number of impressive cannons, a secret tunnel, and a collection of swords. 20 minutes' drive from the Marco Polo Xiamen.

Jimei School Village: It was built in 1993 with funds provided by a famous philanthropist and educationalist who was a native of Xiamen. Tan Kah Kee (1874-1961) left Xiamen for Singapore and made his fortune in industry. As an overseas Chinese who contributed so much to his hometown, Tan is a revered figure in Xiamen. He also founded Xiamen University. His tomb is close to the entrance of Jimei School Village in Ao Park. Occupying an area of 100,000 sq meters, Jimei School Village has universities, colleges, secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens with 10,000 students and teachers.

Day 3: Xiamen / Wuyi Mountain  (  Lunch / Dinner)

Half day tour to Botanical Garden. After lunch , we will transfer you to the the airprot and take flight FM9529 (Departure at 15:40PM- Arrived at 16:20P.M.).

Botanical Garden: Xiamen Botanical garden is a short ride away from Zhongshan Park. The Botanical Garden has the Xiamen most scenic features, from some rare plants, to ponds, rocks and man made features. The hills are also quite challenging going up to the wood areas which are on top of the hill.

 Day 4: Wuyi Mountain  (Lunch & Dinner)
After breakfast, we will visit Clund Cave, Tea Cave, Tianyou Peak. Then have lunch, raft Nine Twist,visit Wuyi palace, Song Dynasty Street. In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious farmhouse dinner.

WuYi  Mountain: It is one of China's best known beauty spots. A green river weaves its way around the red hills. Two of the best sites are of the "Three-Three" and the "Six-Six". The former is the river, which bends nine times as it meanders around the foot of the mountain, and the latter refers to the 36 peaks rising steeply from the river. For more than 1,000 years, poets have flocked there to write praises of its natural beauty.
Nine-twist Stream: It is 9.5 kilometer long, which is typical of the breathtaking scenery. The best way of enjoy the trip is to take a bamboo raft to pass through shallows, rapids and pools along the stream while appreciating majestic and imposing peaks that are surrounded by exquisite scenery, flowers and birds.

Heavenly Tour Peak:The peak stands at the centre of the Wuyi Scenic Area, commanding a bird's eye view of the fabulous Nine-twist Stream. On the top, one sees peaks over peaks below with beautiful landscape stretching to a misty distance.

Day 5:Wuyi Mountain to Departure City.
Full day trip to A Thread of Sky, Wind Cave, Red Robe , Water Curtain, Suspension Cart Frame, Eagle Beak Rock.

Water Curtain Cave: It is the biggest cave in Wuyishan, it measures 100 meters high and 100 meters in width. The beauty lies in its drops of water rolling down into Dragon Bath Pool below. The two streams of spring from above the cave keep running all the year round, making the cave appear to hang a multicolored curtain at its entrance.

Our price including:
A.Pick up and drop-off from your hotel ; Entrance fees;
B. Meals as listed in the itinerary, B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=Dinner.
C. Personal Guide & Driver + Private car / van for Private Transfers and sightseeing.
D All Service Charge and Taxes.
E.Luggage Transfers between airports and hotels.
F. Air tickets fare from Xiamen to Wuyi Mountain.

A.Hote accommodation fare.
B. Visa Fees.
C. Personal Expenses.

5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures 5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures 5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures
5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures 5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures 5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour pictures

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