Badaling Great Wall located in Yanqing County is the best preserved section of Great Wall in China. Almost 80 kilometers northwest from downtown Beijing, the Wall was built in Ming Dynasty(1505) occupying a commanding and strategic position for protecting the Juyongguan Pass ( Juyongguan section of the Great Wall ) on its south, further protecting the city of Beijing. Badaling is an ancient military defense project. In 1987, the wall was listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. Now, it is open to the visitors.

The wall was built with high stone slabs outside, it is 7.8 meters high on average, some even reaches 8.4meters. The base of the wall was built with more than 2000 large rectangular slabs of granite stones. It is about 6.5 meters wide and 5.7 meters wide on average on the ramparts. The wall is wide enough for five horses to gallop abreast and ten people to advance shoulder by shoulder. The outside of the wall is called rampart wall. The rampart wall was built with bricks as 1.7 meters high. For the purpose of defense, there are holes on the tip of the wall called watch-hole, and peepholes under the wall called embrasures. Inside the wall, there are low walls with one meter high called parapets, which can be used as railings. There is a scroll door not far from the inside wall, with is a stone ladder for climbing up and down. The wall is narrow on the top and broad on the bottom forming an adder-shape structure. This made the wall stands firmly on the rise and fall ridges. The wall was built with 10-14 rectangular slabs of stones surround its outside, filled with soilsand stones in the middle, and paved with square bricks on the top between the bricks were stuck with lime stones. This makes the wall tidy, beautiful, and firm. There are gutters with gargoyles to drain rain-water off the parapet wall. There are ramparts, embrasures, peep-holes and apertures for archers on the top, besides gutters with gargoyles to drain rain water off the parapet walk. Two storied watchtowers are built at approximately 400-meter intervals. The top stories of watchtower were designed for observing enemy movements, while the first floor was used for storing grain, fodder, military equipment and gunpowder as well as for quartering garrison soldiers. the highest watchtower at Badaling,standing on a hill-top, is reached only after a steep climb, like “climbing a ladder to heaven”.
Other sightseeings near Badaling Great Wall including Great Wall Museum and the Great Wall National Theater. At these two places you will get a further understanding of Great Wall in China.

The landscape of Badaling Great Wall changes every season, with numerous scenery to catch your attention. A sunlit and enchanting scene of spring,  the valley covers with greens. When the rain comes, the vista will look vast and hazy. The sky in autumn is high with unsoiled stratosphere, while the maple forest is dyed in golden colour. White snow covers the whole scene in winter.
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What makes Badaling Great Wall special?

Badaling Great Wall is the best preserved section of the Great Wall. It is famous for its grandness and magnificence. It is the essence of the Great Wall. In ancient times, the location of Badaling is of great military significance. As the national icon of China, many foreign state leaders and celebrities were invited to visit Badaling Great Wall.

Opening Hours

6:30-19:00 (Apr. 1st – Oct. 31st)

7:00-18:00 (Nov. 1st – Mar. 31st)

Entrance Fee

CNY40 (Nov. 1st – Mar. 31st)
CNY45 (Apr. 1st – Oct. 31st)
Cable Car:
One Way CNY60
Round Way CNY100

How to get to Badaling Great Wall

By Bus
No.919 Bus Ticket price CNY12
Deshengmen- Yanqing 6:00-19:00
Yanqing- Deshengmen 5:00-18:30

No.877 Bus(air-conditioned) Ticket price CNY12 6:00-17:00
No.877 Bus Ticket price CNY7 6:00-17:00 Deshengmen- Badaling Great Wall

How to get to Deshengmen
Take Subway Line2 and get off at Jishuitan, then walk about500m to the east, you will arrive at Deshengmen Station.

By Train
S2 Ticket price CNY6
Beijing North Railway Station- Badaling Railway Station

How to get to Beijing North Railway Station
Take Subway Line 2,4,13 and get off at Xizhimen Station. Exit from Exit A1,and the railway station is just to the north of it.

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