Baoyun Pavilion, which is located to the west of the Tower of Buddhist Incense on the Longevity Hill, was made of bronze and also called “golden pavilion”. Baoyun Pavilion is one of the three best and largest bronze buildings existing in China.
Baoyun Bronze Pavilion is a structure with a double-eaved roof. With a height of 7.55m, it weighs 207 tonnes. All its component parts, the beams, pillars, supporting brackets, rafters, tiles, couplings, etc, were cast in bronze by traditional methods: “lost wax technique” and “breaking the mound.” The exterior was finished in a greenish-gray color. It is of great scientific value.Baoyun PavilionBaoyun Pavilion
The pavilion is one of the few buildings in Garden that escaped destruction by the Anglo-Forces in 1860. Unfortunately, all of the furnishings were lost. In 1990, the Eight Power Allied Forces again looted the garden and ten of its bronze windows were taken oversea. In 1993 American International Group Inc purchased the windows and sent back to the Summer Palace as a gift to China.”

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