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Blue Whale Cruiser, Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour
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I enjoyed my trip with ease and comfort. Its due to Wang good service for keeping us inform all the way up to we board the ship. We enjoyed our Yangtze cruise experiences. Staff service, food and room at Victoria Lianna is up to expectation. Thank you to you all...

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I was the ONLY ENGLISH SPEAKING PATRON on the ship! 85% of the tours and announcements made were in Chinese. I was very disappointed in that as well as the quality I this ship. It was a clean as it could be but the molding/caulking in the room was in much need of repair. The wall paper was stained and bubbling. The carpet was disgusting. I wore socks or shoes the entire time and would change my socks when I would go to sleep. The beds are hard/super firm which is preferred in china. The food was good but no variety a a westerner. No real entertainment on the ship. So it was a nice part of my trip to relax and nap and read. Expensive drinks. And the taxies that they "set up" in yichang were ridiculously over priced! $300-400 rmb to go to the airport! I'm glad I made to friends who worked on the ship. They hooked me up with a "black taxi" ride for $100 rmb. And of course with any shop the laundry prices were ludicrously over priced. The excursions sucked when I didn't understand any history of the sights since what they would say is 85% in Chinese and I got a few sentences in English to the five minute conversation in Chinese :-(..

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