Goddess Stream is located in the west of Wu gorge, south bank in Yangtze River in Wushan County Chongqing. The upstream is Guandu River, middle is Ziyang River and the downstream is Goddess Stream. The whole river is in length of 31.9 kilometers and 20 kilometers far away Wushan County. Surrounding by precipitous mountains, Goddess stream is hidden in deep valley, therefore the primitive landscape is fortunately well reserved and represented its spectacle to tourists after construction of the Three Gorges Project.

Goddess Stream, also known as “Beauty Stream” among locals, is 15 kilometers long; among that 10 kilometers section are isolated valley without human activity due to the running water on narrow stream.

Fei Feng Peak
Feifeng is the meaning of flying phoenix in Chinese. Feifeng peak is one of the twelve peaks in Wushan Mountain, in 740 meters high, located in the west of Goddess stream, ranged from west to east. The peak looks like a fly phoenix drinking water upon Goddess stream; so called the peak in Feifeng peak by locals. It is said that is the Goddess turn a golden phoenix into a peak, so that they will company together forever in Wu gorge.

shennv stream