Located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, White Emperor City is facing the mouth of Qutang Gorge. It is the best place to view Qutang Gorge.
The name White Emperor City was named by Gongsun Shu, who claimed himself the King of Shu and called himself the White Emperor.
In the history, a lot of Chinese poets had been here and leaving a large number of poems.

The cruise of Yangtze River usually pass through White Emperor City. Most cruise will stop at Fengjie Port and take a optional shore excursion to the scenic site.

white emperor city

Originally called Ziyang City, the White Emperor City was constructed by Gongsun Shu when was in the saddle of Sichuan at the end of the Western Han Dynasty.
During the Three Kingdoms Period, the Baidi Temple became more important due to the heroes. In 222 AD, Liu Bei-the emperor of Shu State fell ill near White Emperor City after his defeat. Before he died, he entrusted the state affairs as well as his son to Zhuge Liang the Prime Minister.
In the Ming Dynasty, the statue of Gongsun Shu was replaced by Liu Bei’s, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang respectively.
Today’s White Emperor City was restored during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Architecture & Structure
In the Baidi Temple, you will have the chance to appreciate the ancient architecture such as Tuogu Tang (Entrusting Son’s Hall) which is the most outstanding destination. Moreover, the Mingliang Palace dedicated to the statue of Gongsun Shu is worth paying a visit. Besides, the Observing Stars Pavilion (Guanxing Ting) is also a good resort where Zhuge Liang once observed stars and then improved the strategy of using arms.
Also famed as City of Poems, there’re more than 70 poems, carvings as well as cultural relics during several dynasties.
However, scenic spots are not just what we have mentioned above. Therefore, you should come and see in your own eyes.

Present condition
Nowadays, a wind and rain bridge has been constructed at the foot of the temple for easy access to it. Moreover, a dock was also built for visitors to tour White Emperor City by boat.