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Seeing from the historical development of Harbin, it has a indissoluble bound to Russia. Russian food  also has  an important impact on Harbin’s food.  Most northeast dishes are coming from Russian dishes, such as goulashit is used to be Russian diet. At present, Harbin opens lots of orthodox Russian restaurant. Most of the restaurants are located in  the central avenue. In addition,you have to taste the large column form Russia, if you have a visit to Harbin.

The editor’s advisory

Stop1. Travel to Russian Western-style food

 Restaurant Recommendation

No.1 China Macy’s Restaurant

huamei2 1huamei3
China Macy is an old western restaurant with Russian features. It manages the western food with Russian feature. The food style here and the architectural style of this restaurant is considered to be one of the cultural icon in Harbin.

Signiture dish

russian diet1jpg russiandiet3
 Mandarin fish with milk sauce  Borsh
russiandiet2 russiansiet6
 Deep-fired prawn  Pot stew beef

No.2 Portman Western Restaurant

boteman1 boteman2
It is also a  western restaurant with a good reputation。The environment here and service is fine as well. Food here tastes delicious. There also has some performances on the stage. For instance: sax and accordion. It is a good place for gathering with friends and couples. Of course, the specialty here is Borch,beefsteak. You can have a try.

Signiture dish

ruanjianmahayu bosi1
 Soft fried salmon  Russian corn beef pie
borch naizhizaban
 Borch  Milk salad

No.3 Russian coffee Food

 yxixya1  boteman2
Russian coffee food is a Russian style restaurant. It’s a nostalgic place.  It is very enjoyable for you to have a dinner in this restaurant.

Signiture dish

heijiaotudouni guanxia
 Black pepper sauce mash  Jar of shrimp

Stop2. Travel to time-honored brand in Harbin

Dumplings and sauce bone is a typical dishes. It is worth-while to have a taste. some restaurants has a long-term history. The northeast restaurants may not manage main course, but you can satisfy your hanger with a little money. These restaurants are worth visiting.

No.1 Lao Chang pancakes

This restaurant is a chain restaurant, there are many branches in Harbin. Lao Chang Chun Bin is a time-honored brand. The pancakes in this restaurant is good tasting. You must have to taste the pancakes, if you come to Harbin.

laochang2 laochang11

No.2 Oriental Dumpling King Restaurant

The history of Oriental Dumpling King Restaurant can dating back to 1993. The restaurant is the most famous dumpling restaurant in Harbin ,which expanded to a large-scale restaurant from a small shop. The dumplings here is healthy and delicious.


No.3 Xue Fu Yi Ping Jianggu

The sauce bone here is so delicious, it is one of the typical representative of the northeast dishes. It is also an time-honored brand. The locals prefer to have dinner here.


Stop3: The Northeast Restaurant

No.1 Kun Lun Restaurant

Kun Lun,a small restaurant with northeast characteristics. It is a restaurant of celebrity. The decoration of this restaurant is comfortable. In the northeast restaurant, you need not to worry that you are insatiable for the food. The northeast people are generous, you must have eaten your fill. As to the service, it’s so great.

diet1 diet3
 Stewed chicken with mushroom

No.2 The Old Cook’s Dao Tai Restaurant

It’s an old northeast restaurant. The restaurant used to be reported by CCTV,China. The food here is very traditional, but the price is a little expensive. The specialty here is Fried Pork in Scoop. It is the birth-land of this dish.

diet11 diet12
Fried Pork in Scoop home cold dish

Stop4: The desert shop and cold store

No.1Ma Verdier popsicles

Why don’t you have a taste of Ma Verdier popsicles,if you have a opportunity to have o journey to the ice city, Harbin. It has more than 1000 years history, which is founded by the french-Jew. It is the oldest cold store in China.


No.2 Laodingfeng

It is a famous honored-time brand desert shop in China. The species of desert here are all kinds. The most outstanding desert here is moon cake.



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