Introduction of Youth Hotel Association

As its name refers that, Youth Hotel Association, is mainly service for the person who are the youth, and people lack of money, but like to travel outside.  this kind of hotel May be not formal ,compered with these star hotels. But it is a comfortable place and have a high popularity among the travelers and backpackers.  The hotel gives you a easy feeling and make you feel that you seem to be home. You can make new friends here around the world,May be, have a communication to convey your homeland’s culture. It acts as a friendship bridge to connect the people around the world.

Harbin Kazi International Youth Hostel

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The youth hostel is located in the central of Harbin, nearby the St. Sophia Church. It takes 10 minutes to arrive in the memorial tower of fighting against floods, the church, and the bank of songhua river.

installation: pubic communication area, coffee bar, pulic washing machine, public  computers, WIFI and other necessitates.

Harbin Russia Youth Hostel

The advisory reason of editor
The hotel is situated in the central of this city, Harbin. The transportation here is very easy. It is very convenient for travelers to visit the scenic spot.

installation: TV, air conditioner, book bar, Karaoke, tickets service, washing machine, WIFI and public computers. Other necessitates also included.


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