On the map of the People’s Republic of China, there is a place looks like a flying swan with spread wings while its provincial capital resembles a dazzling pearl under the neck of the swan.The pearl is Harbin,which has a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, but claims to be best in summer and winter, especially winter.Book a Harbin Tour

As the capital,Harbin is a heart cross point of politics, finance and culture; a picturesque city with beautiful Songhuajiang River going through it. Known as “Oriental Moscow “or “Oriental Pairs”. The northeastern city of Harbin is known as a “City of Ice”.

Harbin is best known for its appealing winter landscape, stimulating winter sports and various dazzling ice and snow art works, such as ice lanterns, snow sculptures and ice carvings Ice and Snow wonderland first built in the year 2000 on Frozen Songhua River makes up the most recognizable landmark of the city in winter, now the wonderland is build on the north bank of Songhua River.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is held annually from January 5 to February 5. But the Ice and Snow World always open from Christmas Eve. Boasting the world’s largest man-made ice and snow buildings, the exhibition is built on the northern bank of the Songhua River and covers an area of more then 300,000 square meters. A total of 80,000 cubic meters of ice and 120,000 cubic meters of snow are used in the park. Once you step on the land of this city , and seeing the world’s largest man-made ice and snow buildings, you will be subdued by the amazing project!

Harbin Travelling Overview

Harbin Teavelling map
English Name: Harbin
Chinese Name:哈尔滨
Time Zone:?UTC/GMT +8 hours (the whole China is set to Beijing time)
Coordinates: 44°04′-46°40′N 125°42′-130°10′E

 Landscapes in Harbin

Top 6 Views in Harbin
No.1 The St.Sophia Church


The St. Sophia church is the most notable and famous landmark in Harbin, the rust-colored brickwork and unmistakable turquoise dome of this Russian Orthodox Church could not be more Eastern European; nor could it be more beautiful. Built in 1907 and housing some old black and white photos of Harbin from the turn of the 20th century, the St. Sophia church should be on the top anyone’s list who visits the city. The Harbin Architectural Arts Center is located inside the church, and judging by their captions they seem to have a favorable opinion of the foreign influences throughout the city’s history(a sentiment that’s not always found in China)

No.3 The Central Avenue


The Central Avenue is the longest pedestrian Avenue in Asia. It is built in 1898. The old street has a long history until now. In addition, The Central Avenue has become the most prosperous business avenue at present.The Central Avenue begins from the monument tower in honor of preventing from big  flood. Its width is 21.34 meters and its length is as long as 1450 meters. It is called as the best avenue in Harbin. It is famous of the architectures of unique European style such as the Hagia Sophia. The Sophia is one of the most beautiful in Harbin. And the avenue has lots of commercial buildings that attract numerous customers around the world. The Central Avenue is the best place to visit only if you have the chance to go get Harbin. You’d better not to miss it.

No.3 The Ice and Snow World


There is only one reason to come visit Harbin during the insanely cold winter months, and that’s to see the world-class icse festival that the ice puts on every winter from January 5 to sometime in February. The first festival was held in January 5, 1985, and since then it has become one of the biggest attractions in the part of China. We guarantee you will be pumped, despite the fact that your toes will be frozen to your socks. The Harbin Snow  and Ice World joins the Sapporo Snow Festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival and the oslo Ski Festival in being one of the four most renowned winter festivals in the world.

No.4 The Sun Island


The Sun Island , sitting on the north bank of the Songhua River is where you will want to plan to spend at least one day . During  the summer, Sun Island puts on some excellent beer gardens among the fine blue water lakes, Russia buildings and scatterings of flower gardens. In winter the islands hosts the largest extent of the Snow and Ice Festival. To the north and west the ares there is a sort of animal world, with Deer Garden, Swan Lake and Squirrel Island offering a chance to see animals and some wonderful swans. This is a good place to bring the kids. In the south you can find some Russian buildings, restaurants and Russian cultural demonstrations, including an art gallery and traditional song and dance presentations

No.5 Songhua River


Songhua River, ranks the fifth longest river in China, runs about 1,897 kilometers long and covers a drainage area of 545,600 square kilometers. The source of the river is a crater lake called Heavenly Lake with an elevation of 2,189 meters at the top of the Changbai Mountain, which borders North Korea in China’s Jilin Province. The water falls down from the Heavenly Lake and forms a waterfall, as if the water rushes down from haven. Hence the local Manchu inhabitant called it “Heavenly Lake” in meaning, “Songga-liwula” in pronunciation. Now we transliterate into Chinese Songhua River.

No.6 Guandong Alley


The history of Harbin can dating back to the thousands years ago. It is a collection of thousands years of Jin Dynasty Culture , hundreds years of Guandong Culture, and Chinese Baroque culture. When you push the door with the Baroque Style, you just enter into the Guandong Alley, which is situated in the Qunli Culture Stadium. The designer concentrates natives’ complex of guandong  on the alley. Walking in the old alley, it seems that you have get to the time tunneling, from today to the past.

Other famous views around Harbin> more

Gourmet in Harbin

Foodie’s Paradise

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t01e7aece884bb6419c GUOBAOROU  shazhucai
hongchang lieba  laodingfeng

Live in Harbin

Star Class Hotel
Youth Hostel Association

Entertainments in Harbin

jidiguan tiger1
 the Polar Museum of Harbin Siberian Tiger Park 
errenzhuan clg1
Errenzhuan  The Ice Valley 

Shopping Station—special local product

AS we travel to a new city, we would like to buy something local to send to our relatives, friends, or to memory of this trip.As we mention to the northeast local product. We often think of the three treasures of northeast China, they are:Ginseng, pilose antle and marten.

rensheng lulou diaopi
 Ginseng  pilose antle  marten

Some local food: large column and Gwas

hongchang gwas0
Harbin Smoked Sausage  Gwas

The Editor’s View of Harbin

Harbin, an ice city of China, as we come up with Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, takes the frigid spotlight of the province with its eclectic mix of architectural design. The city is unque in China in that it was a spot of significant Russia and Jewish migration during the last 200 years, and now it’s the place in China to see Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches rubbing elbows with synagogues, mosques and Chinese buildings. As we mention to Harbin, as we  will think of a picture that decorated by the white snow and the ice. In many Chinese people’s eyes, Harbin is a symbol of ‘cold’. Of course, The temperature in Harbin is Below 0 degree centigrade in winter. Even though the winter of Harbin is so cold, it still attracts lots of tourists around the world to visit Harbin. Only if you come to visit the city, you will feel the deep feeling  of the northeast city, Harbin. You would like it! The city, Harbin is worth visiting.

Welcome to visit Harbin!

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