The Introduction of Siberian Tiger Park


The most obvious fact about Siberian Tiger Park – implied by the name- is that it is a park. What you might not realize, however, is that in this particular park you can catch a glimpse of the Siberian Tiger, one of the world’ s , elusive animals. Although this sounds like an exceptional experience, there is a bit of a catch: in order to take the ”safari” ride to see the fenced-in animals, you must tag along with the locals who buy live chickens, ducks and cows to feed to the tigers. Here is a surprise: the tigers here are extremely well fed. That means the mauling is very slow and you might be more turned off than you think by the slow deaths of the animals. If you are into this, get on the bus and cheer with the crazy locals, who act like their watching the World Cup finals.

More Tips

Chinese  name: 东北虎林园(dongbeihulinyuan)
Admission: 90rmb
Hours: 9:00-16:00
Recommended time for visit:2-3 hours




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