The Entrance of The Ice Valley It is a paradise of ice. the entrance of the ice valley is build on the frozen Songhua River. in the ice valley, lots of interesting games included.
 bing the Bingga pumping is an old gfame in China. but have you pumped the bingga on the frozen river? it is really a exciting activities which is worth trying.
mache Riding the carriage on the frozen river is a amazing thing that you ever experienced. You can look around the fine views around the ice world.
bingxue It is a game named vehicle pulled by dogs . it’s a easy game,  you just sit on the chair, and the dog will pull you.
baolingqiu Bowling is common exercises in all places. The especial thing is not the game, but the bowling bowl, which is made of snow. It’s a new challenge for you to complete this game.

The Introduction of The Ice Valley

Compared with The Ice and Snow world, The Ice Valley is a complete play field. The play field often opens on December25, each year.. It is nearby the memorial tower of fighting against flood, on the Songhua River. The overall length of it  is 1500meters, from the east to the west. Its width is about 520 meters, from the south to the north. The area of this play field is as big as 105 football stadiums. It’s a brand banquet for experiencing amusements on  the frozen river. It is totally a good place for travelers.

 About the Activities

The entrance of the Ice Valley is located in front of the memorial tower of fighting against flood. The activities of the filed  includes the ice slides, the snow cirles, and many other numerous exciting activities.  There also set up some interesting activities for children. Such as the ice sledge, the Bingga pumping and so on.

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