Introduction of Polar Museum

Harbin Polar Museum is  China’s first super-large polar marine theme park,which investments 2 billion yuan. It uses the world’s most advanced theme park show the way, using the world’s most authoritative design concept, viewing experience, science, education, environmental protection, entertainment sinks in one dedicated to creating and showing a man and polar man and the sea, between humans and animals interact, extremely new experience to enjoy the space. Harbin Polar Museum day can accommodate up to 5,000 passengers. The museum has the world’s first train through the two poles of the seabed, the world’s first batch of groups of Antarctic penguins in China family, the most exquisite artistry polar animals show star and the largest white whale-wide perspective polar monomer, such as display windows. The whole museum to display from all over the world were rare polar marine animals more than 600 species, more than 10,000 only.

Wonderful sights

1.sea lions show

2.white whale show— the heart of ocean

Guide Map


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