A Ma Temple is the most celebrated among the temples of Macau. Located at the picturesque A-Ma cultural village, the temple is a fine specimen of the Macanese culture attracting tourists on their Macau sightseeing tour. It was built to worship the Goddess A-Ma. It houses prayer halls, pavilions and countyards constructed into the boulder-strewn mount. The road to this famous among the temples in Macau is laid through moon gates and miniature garden. At the access is a lagrge rock with a traditional sailing junk engraved on it. On other rocks red characters are imprinted citing a prayer.
This temple owns four pavilions, Three of them are devoted to A-Ma and have some excellent statues of the goddess jointly with a replica of a junk with cannons, chapels to Buddhist and Taoist gods and brass vessels. This temple is notable for stunning tiled roofs and amazing views from the excellent gardens. The temple holds the festival of A-Ma on the 23rd day of the 3rd moon.

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