Dumpling is one of the most popular traditional Chinese food. It has a history of over 2000 years. It is made with flour wrappers filling with all kinds of stuffing. Xi’an Dumpling Dinner is famous for its many kinds of stuffing, different flavours and beautiful shapes. The stuffing can be vegetables in season, chicken, duck, fish and other meat. The stuffing may also be sea cucumber, hericium, seaweed and etc. It is called “a hundred dumplings with a hundred flavors”, which includes spicy, fish-flavored,curry, sweet-and-sour and so on. The basic methods to make the dumplings are steam, fry and boil. The methods specifies according to different stuffing and flavors. The dumplings shapes different such as fish, flowers, pearl, butterfly and etc. They are delicious as well as good-looking. The Dumpling Dinner is very popular among both domestic and foreign tourists.

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