The Hanyang Tomb is situated in the near north suburb of Xinxiang City in the southern part of Phoenix Mountain with deep springs nearby. Some people call the tomb lying in such a position as head on Phoenix Mountain, feet on Old Dragon Pool with Golden Lamp Temple in the right hand and Shi’er Mountain in the left hand. Therefore the scenery nearby is really beautiful and attractive. This tomb is the best preserved king tomb among the Qing tombs with the largest area within the country. The front part of the tomb area is a stone gateway in which there is a relievo: two dragons playing a pearl. Four big characters are carved in the horizontal plate: Lu Fan Jia Cheng (Nice Town of Lu Kingdom). Beside the gateway extends a stone road about 200 meters long. On the two sides of the road there are 16 pairs of sculptures and stone animals like lions, camels, horses, sheep and some other kind of animals which existed only in fairy tales. At the end of the road crosses a bridge named Royal Bridge made of Hanbai strip stone. Then comes the grand stone gate of “Nice Town of Lu Kingdom” The town occupies an area as large as 80 mu with walls protected on the outskirts. Four big yards were built in the town and all the houses were made of stone. Thus it has got a nickname of A Stone Town in Middle China. After you enter the gate and walk straight northward you will see the Door of Ling’en, Ling’en Hall, Ming Palace, Treasure Town and Underground Palace where King Lujian was buried. On the west and east sides there are balancing halls to go with the main halls. Great stone walls are mysterious and stately. Most of the buildings are delicately decorated carved with pictures of flying dragons and dancing lions. The grandeur of the royal family is explicitly shown here.





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