Gandan Monastery, 57 kilometers north-east of Lhasa, was the first Gelug monastery in Tibet. It is quite a unique monastery since it was built by the founder of Gelug of Tibetan Buddhism Zongkaba. The monastery was built in the year of 1409. The name Gandan means it is the world of the Future Buddha. If you only have time for one monastery excursion outside Lhasa, Ganden would probably be the best choice. With its stupendous views of the surrounding Kyi-chu Valley and fascinating kora, Ganden is an experience unlike the other major Gelugpa monasteries in the Lhasa area.

The main hall Cuoqin Hall was built in the year of 1409. It is 43.8 meters wide and 44.7 meters long. With 108 columns in the hall, it can hold 3300 monks reading sutra at the same time.

Ticket fare: CNY40
There are direct tourist buses available from Jokhang Monasteryin Lhasa between 6:30 and 8:00 am.



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