Approximately 4500 metres above sea level, 87 kilometres away from Lhasa city, lies the town of Yampachen, which is noted for its geothermal resources. Yampachen Valley is a long and narrow graben basin which covers an area of about 450 square kilometers. It is about 90 kilometers long and less than 10 kilometers wide. The mountains standing around the valley are 5500-6000 meters above the sea level. There are modern glaciers on the top of these mountains and relics of the ancient glaciers in Yampachen Valley. Yampachen is also famous as a hot spring resort. Many tourists came here for its hot springs. Hot springs in Yampachen are of high mineral contents. Taking a bath in the hot spring, you will feel easy and relaxed. You can choose to bath in a indoor hot spring or an outdoor hot spring. Though it is very comfortable to enjoy the hot spring, you are not advised to bath too long in the hot spring. Interested in this site? Just take a Tibet tour with China Tour to experience it!

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