Ramoche Monastery is about 500 meters away from Jokhang Temple. It was built in Tang Dynasty. The original Ramoche Monastery was a Tang Dynasty style construction characterized by resplendent and magnificent. It faces east to express Princess Wencheng’s attachment to her hometown. The Statue of 8-year Sakyamuni brought to Lhasa by Princess Wencheng was firstly worshiped here and moved to Jokhang Temple. Ramoche Monastery covers an area of about 4000 square meters. The front part of the monastery is its courtyard and the back part is its shrines, arches and pilgrimage corridors. The main construction of Ramoche Monastery is a three-storey building. The second floor is supported by 10 16-edge well decorated pillars. Though it is not as large and famous as Jokhang Temple, tourists here could experience another kind of charm. It is not as boisterous as Jokhang Temple, but has its attractions. There are precious Buddhism sculptures and various cultural relics in the monastery, including Thangkas and statues.

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