Ruin of the Guge Kingdom is a majestic ancient city which covers 180 thousand square kilometers in plateau. There are over 300 houses and caves, 3 pagodas, 4 monasteries, 2 palaces and 2 tunnels. The kingdom was set up in the 10th Century. Tubo Kingdom broke down at that time. The great-grandson of the king together with his followers escaped to Ngari and set up a new kingdom. In the following 700 years, Guge Kingdom played an important role in Tibet’s history. The breakdown of the kingdom is still a mystery. It is said that the kingdom may be defeated by other kingdom or a terrible disease.
The murals and sculptures in the Ruin of the Guge Kingdom are of rich contents and high values. They are of high artistic value and research value.It provides materials for the research of the history of Tibet and the ancient architectures of China.

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