Lhanag-tso Lake appears dark blue and is very salty. There are no plants, no cattle or sheep around the lake. Everything seems lifeless. That is why the lake got the name of “ghost lake”. It is said that Lhanag-tso Lake and Mapam Yumco Lake used to be one lake. Latter the middle part of the lake descended, and a samll long hill divided the lake into two lakes, which are Lhanag-tso Lake and Mapam Yumco Lake. A long water channel, Ganpa Chu, connects the two lakes. Although the channel is usually dry, the local people belive that one day, water Mapam Yumco lake will follow into Lhanag-tso Lake and a red fish will swim into the lake. The the water in the Ghose Lake will be as sweet as that in Mapam Yumco Lake.

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