Samye Monastery is at the foot of Mt. Haibusi, on the north bank of the Yaluzangbu River in Jialang county. It is important to tibetan people. They say if you see the complete temple, you would have traveled the entire universe. And to be honest, virtually you do. This monastery is built in a manner which copies the formation of universe exactly the way it is mentioned in the sutras. The grand Wuzi hall in the center represents Mount Meru, the central world. The chapels in north and south of the hall are considered to be Sun and Moon respectively. There are many smaller yet classically decorated halls that represent the continents of the world. The uniquely designed monastery is also famous for the various murals on the walls of the monastery and ancient artifacts that are well preserved and can be found only in this monastery.The monastery had been combined the Chinese, Tibetan and Indian styles, in the centre of the monastery is a big square 3-storey hall with a floor space of over 8,900 square metres. The first floor is of Tibetan style, the 2nd Chinese and the 3rd Indian. To the direction of the 4 comers of the hall, 4 towers were built respectively in red, white,green and black colours. The Sangsu Monastery is a typical Buddhist building, it deserves its place in the history of architecture.

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