Maojiabu is located in the west of the West Lake, it is recorded that most of the local residents are Mao families, who live by picking tea and raising silkworm, hence the name. 

Maojiabu scenic areas rich in architectural forms, mostly built near the water, can be summarized into three types: the wooden thatched kiosks, wood pavilion and green tiles houses. Although in various form, the overall style is simple, natural, harmony and integrated with wetland landscape.

Folk cottages are nicely scattered in the picturesque landscape of hanging willows and swinging reeds by the beautiful lakeside. This is what Maojiabu Village is going to give our friends from abroad. Enjoy the scenery, taste Chinese tea and kick your way leisurely on countryside paths bloomed with wild reeds and naturally decorated with round pebbles, also a plank road supported by hardwood columns that take you to the reed forest. Wild ducks play with pond water and seasonal birds fly low that make a country drawing.