Phoenix Hill (Fenghuang Hill)is located in the southeast corner of West Lake Scenic Area, 178 meters above sea level, was north-south extension, just like in the East Phoenix wings to fly, then left the West Lake, Qiantang River swept wing, hovering between heaven and earth.

Sui, Tang, Wu Yue, Northern Song Dynasty, the foot has to Fengshan county, state, local government and the palace, the Southern Song Dynasty capital in Hangzhou, and a large selection in the mountain building (Imperial), since upgraded to the rule for half of China’;s 150 years Politics – Sports Centre.

Phoenix Mountain is also known for the Story. According to legend, Butterfly Lovers in the northern slope of Phoenix Mountain Wansong College classmates were reading. Lovers through the ages as earth-shattering love, of Phoenix Mountain Touring charm once again be raised, in a Court Ban Huang Huang “historical famous” among the stack of “love of the mountains” reputation.