Back in Qing Dynasty, Xiling Yinshe, or Xiling Society of Seal Arts was founded in 1904 as the first academic institution of seal arts situated in Hangzhou, China. Currently as the largest academic society specializing in seal-related learnings and arts, it enjoys a great reputation at both home and abroad. 
Established in December 2004, Xiling Yinshe Auction Co., Ltd. qualifies as top class auction house on national level. Following glorious history of Xiling Yinshe, we dedicate ourselves to preservation and promotion of traditional Chinese culture by annually offering spring and autumn auctions as well as special sales that make breakthroughs, among which Chinese paintings & calligraphy, refined articles in the study, fine seals cuttings and ink stones being the most notable; manuscripts and letters by Chinese and international celebrities, fine ancient books & rubbings, miniascape,Zisha works of art, stone carvings, Chinese coins and paper money, oil paintings & sculpture, comics and illustrations, jade carvings by contemporary artists and famous Chinese wine are included as well. In that light, we are constantly devoted to exploring the value of art works and new categories, evidenced by an introduction of eleven ground-breaking sales in China which are highly recognized on the market. 
At the end of 2009, our headquarter is relocated to the former residence of Wang Wenshao, grand secretary in late Qing Dynasty. Built in classical Chinese style, the complex interprets philosophy and values of the company, bringing art and beauty into people’s life. In 2014, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a total sale volume of 1.833 billion yuan, breaking records in several categories. The complete success further narrowed the gap between the north and the south. Under the long-preserved tradition of Xiling Society of Seal Arts, we are dedicated to carrying out academic research of art works and practicing corporal responsibility.
Concentrating on the philosophy of bringing art into people’s daily life, we continue to explore the value of artworks and develop people’s eye for beauty by popularizing art, which has won support from all walks of society and been acclaimed as the auction house with the ‘most profound cultural heritage’ and the ‘most valuable brand’ by a number of influential media in China.