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1 Day Tour: Jinshanling Great Wall
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Super Fun Good tour guides Great payment options!!!

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Very good organization of the tour . My full recommendation to book again...

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Perfect organizationof the tour . 100% recommendation

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We appreciate for allowing us to change our plans to visit a different part of the Great Wall and providing a refund for the difference in price. We really enjoyed our tour group. Our driver and tour guide took us to the very touristy part of Badaling Great Wall and offered for us to ride the \"tobaggon\" for an additional cost of 60RMB. It was so crowed that we would need to wait in long lines both to ride up to the great wall and then to wait in a long line to ride back down from the wall. There are other places at Badaling area where we could have walked from the ground up. We had a nice time on the great wall but only had about an hour to spend there. We did appreciate being able to go to the Dr. Tea House. Our first tour guide, David, did an excellent job. The Ming Tomb was also included in this tour. If we were to go again, we would probably select a tour just to the great wall instead of including the Ming Tomb but that is just what we might do. The Dr. Tea House was my favorite shop of the ones that we visited while on tours. Our tour guide was informative on our tour to the Great Wall. We had an amazing opportunity to visit an important place in the world!..

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It\'s very satisfactory overall except that I\'ll make sure the driver will be positive that he\'ll take me back to the hotel! After the tour when we went back to the city, the tour guide informed me that he suggest me to take the subway by myself and it\'s just 2 stops to the hotel! I refused and told the guide i rather paid more to get me to the hotel. They didn\'t charge extra and dropped me back to the hotel at the end... Whew!!! Lunch is just so so and can be improved.......

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Driver met me in the lobby at 6am as arranged, even bought a coffee and breakfast! There were about 10 of us on the tour, I expected the tour guide to come with us on the hike, but they dropped us off and left us to it, met us at the other end, which I kind of preferred. The scenery is amazing, but some sections of the wall here are difficult, fine if you're young or fit though ;-) Lunch was good too, but at the end I could've eaten anything! Make sure you take extra money for the rope slide at the end, well worth it and a great way to finish rather than walking down . Thoroughly enjoyed the day and met some great people, will definitely stay in contact with...

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loved the hike, would recommend people to do it cos o the great views and experience. overall walk 5 stars...

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The day and the hike was great for me, however for an older person, it is a hard hike. I was travelling with my Aunt who is 70years and she managed 8 of the 32 towers before going through the farmland that was suggested by the locals who follow you. We would have not know about the shortcut had they not told as, I suppose the tour guide just expected that everyone would make it within the fours you are given. Take lots of water. It is a long day - 6.10am pickup for us and back about 19.00pm in the evening. The only sour point was when we were dropped off a block and half from our hutong, with the guide saying this is where you get on, I really didn\'t feel like walking another step after a a 10.5 km hike. The views are spectacular though...

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This is a MUST DO hike! The hike itself is breathtaking in scenery and exertion! If you are in good overall health - DO IT! Please note that I used this same company for the Badaling Wall tour and the transport was a small comfortable bus with a competent driver, the guide(Allen) very knowledgeable and helpful and the lunch was great...

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