4 Days Train Travel from Beijing to Hohhot

4 Days Train Travel from Beijing to Hohhot
  • Enjoy magnificent natural scenery and live in traditional Mongolian yurt.
  • Take part in activities of Mongolian style, like horse racing and wrestling.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free journey with a local professional English speaking tour guide.
  • Explore the majestic historical sites of Hohhot——Dazhao Monastery and Saishanglaojie.
  • Pick up from Beijing before the tour and escort to your residence in Beijing after the tour.

 4 Days
 Private Tour
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Itinerary Detail

This route is suitable for those who live in Beijing and want to experience the charm of the grassland in summer. We provide transfer service and wish you have a pleasant journey in the Inner Mongolia.The best time for Inner Mongolia trip is from June to October.

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Day 1  Beijing - Hohhot

Pick up from your hotel around 19:30 and transferred to Beijing Train Station. Take overnight train K89 ( 9:00pm - next day 7:20am) from Beijing to Hohhot. Soft sleeper, 4 people sharing one compartment.

Day 2  Huhhot

  Lunch& Dinner

You will arrived in Huhhot at around 7:20am. Upon your arrival , you will be picked up from the train station by your tour guide, then escorted ( 1.5 hours'drive ) to the Gegentala Grassland, located 150km to the north of Hohhot.

It boasts the biggest and most featuring Mongolian grassland with the Mongolian ethical characters of China. "Gegentala" in Mongolian language literally means a summer resort or the place of herding in summer.

There are various interesting activities on Gegentala Grassland. Wander around on the grassland, visit a local village, drink Mongolian tea in a local nomad family, do a nice walk in the beautiful yellow flower valley. Later watch a wrestling competition, enjoy the Mongolian performance at night, and try the local cuisine.

In the evening, you can gain a different experience through live in the Mongolian style yurts.

Mongolia Yurt:

Two kinds of yurts, one is with air-condition and another one is without air-condition
Deluxe Mongolia Yurt: 2 persons share one yurt with private toilet

Gegentala Grassland

The Gegentala Grassland: Gegentala Grassland is to the north of Hohhot, within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the largest and a unique Mongolian scenic spot bearing the Mongolian ethical features of China. In Mongolian 'Gegentala' means a summer resort or the place of grazing in summer. On the grassland, the weather is cool and the natural scenery is fascinating. With thriving grass and abundant water, the green of the grassland reach out as far as your eyes can see. Colorful wild flowers and flocks of sheep that look like masses of cloud make the scene absolutely beautiful.

Day 3  Gegentala Grassland - Huhhot - Beijing

  Breakfast& Lunch& Dinner

Relax your body riding on the endless grassland under the blue sky and white cloud. Drive to Huhhot city later, visit Dazhao Monastery, the largest Gelukpa (Yellow Hat Sect) Temple in town, which holds many interesting artifacts.

Then move on to Saishanglaojie,the 400-year old street with the characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After lunch, continue a trip to Five-Pagoda Temple or locally called Wuta Si in Chinese. It has a blend of architectural style with five multi-tier Chinese style pagodas built on a square-shaped Indian style structure. Then visit ancient Suiyuan City at Jiangjun Yashu. It is located west of Huhhot. The building of the city was to consolidate the northwest border during 17th century.

Later do a bit souvenir shopping before you head to the train station. After the tour, you guide and driver will escort you to take train K90( 21:23 - next day 7:20am ) for Beijing.

Dazhao Monastery


Dazhao Monastery: Dazhao Temple, 'Wuliang Si (Infinite Temple)' in Chinese, is the oldest building and the largest temple in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Locally, people usually refer to it as the Silver Buddha Temple (Yinfo Si) for it is here that there is a rare silver statue of Sakyamuni that measures 2.5-meter-high (8.2-foot-high).

Five-Pagoda Temple:
The Five-Pagoda Temple is situated about 200 meters to the northwest of Beijing Zoo. Its original name, the Temple of True Awakening (Zhenjuesi), was later changed to the Temple of Great Righteous Awakening (Dazhengjuesi). Today, however, it is popularly referred to as the Five-Pagoda Temple.

Ancient Suiyuan City: Suiyuan City at Jiangjun Yashu is located west of Huhhot. The building of the city was to consolidate the northwest border during 17th century. During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng (1723-1735) of Qing dynasty, the new city was built 2.5 km northeast of Hohhot old city. The city was to hold the officers and soldiers to safeguard the border. Later the city was named Suiyuan City. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters, a historic house of cultural relics in Inner Mongolian area of China.

Day 4  Arrival in Beijing

After the tour, your guide and driver will escort you to the train station. After arriving in Beijing at around 7:20am, you will be transferred to your hotel or residence in Beijing.

Vehichle mode: private car or MPV van(click for picture)


Inner Mongolia has extreme weathers. There is a dramatic difference in temperature between day and night. It is necessary to take some warm clothing or rent one on the spot when you travel on the grassland. It is also one of the driest regions in China. You are kindly reminded to bring hydrated and moisturizing lotion to protect your skin.


  • Reservation should be made at least three days before your departure time.
  • The prices do not apply to National Day, Spring Festival and Labour Day). For Naadam Festival around from July 25 to July 31, extra charge for pasturing area entry: RMB150/person.
  • The train schedule released above is only provided as a reference for you. We will choose the appropriate train shift for you according to the available seats.

 Price Including
  • Pick up and drop-off from your hotel and Railway Station.
  • Private air-conditioned car and English-speaking tour guide.
  • Entrance tickets and meals as listed.
  • Train tickets mentioned in the itinerary.
  • 2 persons share a Mongolian yurt with daily breakfast.
  • Hotels based on 2 persons sharing one room. The third person will have an extra bed in the same room.
 Price Excluding
  • Tips for the tour guide and driver.
  • Horse back riding and activities on the sand .
  • Personal expenses.

 Private Tour :
 Best Value
  • Flexible and time saving. No need to wait for others from different hotels.
  • Customize your own itinerary and a private tour guide and car will be at your service.

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2.When you arrive in Beijing, our tour guide will call you the night before the tour, if you are not in hotel room, we will leave a message in your room, to inform the time to pick you up in the next morning.
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