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Chinese name:长陵

Ticket price: CNY 50 ( USD 8 )

Opening time: 8:00-17:00

Changling is the tomb of Emperor Zhudi, known as Yongle (1360-1420), and his empress Xushi. Yongle was the third emperor of the Ming dynasty. Construction of his tomb began in 1409 and was completed in 1427. Changling Tomb, built the earliest among the 13 Ming Mausoleums, is the largest and most magnificent as well as the best-preserved one. The tomb is notable for its well preserved Ling’en hall (the Hall of Eminent Favor), made of a rare type of hardwood known as Phoebe nanmu. With a history of about 600 years, it has been in good condition and remains resplendent. Because the project was massive and complex, huge amounts of manpower, material resources and financial resources were invested to construct Changling Tomb. It took as long as four years to construct the underground palace alone.

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