Luzhi Town (甪直镇) is a famous historic old town located in the Wuzhong District, 18 km east of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. It was also known as Puli (甫里),an ancient name for this town. This river town was named after a Tang Dynasty recluse poet Lu Guimeng (陆龟蒙) who retired in this town. Lu Guimong had a pseudonym: Mr. Pu-li (甫里先生).

Luzhi is one of the best preserved old towns in China, along with its old canals and streets. In 2003, the Chinese government published a list of “Ten Famous Chinese Historical Townships”, with Luzhi featured on this list. In 2004, Luzhi was awarded a Township Preservation Award by UNESCO.

scenic spots

The old town and its canals.
Baoshen Temple. Baoshen Temple boasts a history of thousand years, built in the second year of Tianjiang of Liang Dynasty (503 AD). By Song dynasty it was called the Baoshen Zen Temple, with 5000 halls and one thousand monks.
The Arhat statues in the Baoshen Temple are national treasures. They were the work of the Tang Dynasty sculptor Yang Huizhi.
Tang Dynasty poet Lu Guimong tomb, with Fare Breeze Pavilion and two of his hand planted ginkgo trees.
Shen Bohan (沈柏寒) the educator’s former home
First reformer Wang Tao (王韬) Memorial Hall
Educator and writer Ye Shengtao (叶圣陶) Memorial Hall, at former site of The 5th High School where Ye Shengtao taught from 1917 – 1922.