Located in the ancient Suzhou city, Yipu Garden is a small scale garden with artistic characteristics of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The garden highlights its simple, unsophisticated and elegant style. In November 2000, it was included in the World Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO.

Yipu Garden is simple and natural, showing the typical characteristics of the gardens of the Ming Dynasty. The layout is simple and open, with a pond as the center. The Hall of Erudition and Elegance is the main hall in the garden, and to the south of the pond stands an artificial hill built with earth, with cliffs and narrow paths piled up with rocks, showing changeable and natural scenic sights.

Yipu Garden

To the east of the pond stands the Milk Fish Pavilion. The pavilion was constructed in the Ming Dynasty and is skirted by water on three sides, looking ancient, rustic and elegant. The Sound Moon Corridor to the west of the pond leads to the Qin Hut Courtyard, which is linked with other scenic sports by a round gate. The Gull Bathing Pond in the courtyard looks as if it was linked with the large pond, an only example in the garden of Suzhou. The yard is decorated with lake rocks, flowers and trees, being the most tranquil place in the garden.