As a minority area, Guilin is famous for its local cuisine.

Guilin Rice Noodles

Guilin Rice Noodles is the most famous food in Guilin. Tourists whoever come to Guilin will have a taste of it. Both locals and tourists love it. It is a kind of noodles made from rice instead of flour. Together with other vegetables,meat and other flavoring, the rice noodles make a delicious dish.It tastes smooth and pliable, with a mixture of sour beans, meat and other ingredients.

Bamboo Rice
The rice mixed with other ingredients such as meat, corn, beans etc is put into a length of bamboo, and then bake the bamboo on the fire.

Beer Fish
The fish cooked for the dish is called Sword Bone Fish, which is a kind of fish inhabited in the ground floor of Li River. The fish is cooked with beer, which makes a unique flavour.

Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seed
This is dish is a traditional dish and it is healthy. Ginkgo has been used as traditional medicine for many years. It tastes well and also a tonic dish.

Lipu Taro Pork
Lipu County is a major taro growing area. This dish is made from pork, taro and bean curd. The pork is fat but not greasy.

Guilin sanhua alcohol, Guilin fermented bean curd and Guilin chili sauce are considered to be Guilin’s three treasures, and are top choices with visitors to the city.

Products made from sweet-scented osmanthus are also recommended since the name of Guilin literally means forests of osmanthus. Osamnthus tea, sugar and wine will bring you sweet memories of this city.

The gingko tree is described as a living fossil. Gingko is said to promote healthy blood circulation, moistens facial skin and so chases away wrinkles. It is so versatile that it can also be made into drinks and snacks.

Guilin chufas can be eaten as fruit or as a vegetable. Chufas, sometimes referred to as tiger nuts in the West, are grown in Guilin and are very sweet and crispy. Chufa paste, chufa panocha and canned chufa each have their own unique flavors and will add extra zest to your cooking.

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