Guilin is a tourist city with beautiful natural scenery. There are many tourist attractions in Guilin. The most popular tourist destinations in Guilin are Guilin downtown, Yangshuo County and Longji Terrace. The following attractions are categorized by locations. Book a Guilin Tour

Guilin downtown

                 Li River           Elephant Trunk Hill            Reed Flute Cave
Li River elephant trunk hill reed flute cave
Like a green belt running through Guilin, Li River is an indispensable part of Guilin. Whoever come to this city will be impressed by its natural beauty. Elephant Trunk Hill looks like an elephant drinking water from Li River. It is a landmark of Guilin. Reed Flute Cave is famous for its different shapes of the stalactite. Many famous celebrities from both home and abroad have been to the cave.


          Seven Star Park  Two Rivers and Four Lakes             Crown Cave
seven star park two rivers four lakes guanyan cave
The park is named after the Seven Star Mountain, where there are seven peaks just like the stars falling from the sky. It is a micro version of Guilin scenery. Two Rivers&Four Lakes Cruise is the highlight of the Guilin. In the night, the lights in the scenic area will be shining brightly. The night scene is amazingly beautiful. A unique karst cave can be visited by mini-trains, elevators and boats. It is fun and adventurous.


Yangshuo County

             West Street              Yulong River                Silver Cave
west street yulong river silver cave
A lot of unique shops selling traditional handcrafts, hand-made scarfs, snacks of local flavor etc can be found in West Street. It is quite fun to explore these small shops even if you don’t buy anything. Yulong River is a tributary of Li River in Yangshuo. Yulong, literally means Meeting the Dragon. Compared with the amazing landscape of Li River, Yulong River is more restful and casual. Sliver Cave is a typical karst cave and there are many different types of stalactite presenting vivid shapes of peacock, waterfall, umbrella etc.


      Impression Liusanjie              Shili Gallery      Xingping Ancient Town
Impression-Liusanjie moon hill xingping ancient town
Impression Liusanjie is an show based on a true story about Liusanjie, using the natural landscape of Guilin as a backdrop, performed by local residents. Shili Gallery is a road starting from Shima Square to Moon Hill. There are hills and farms as well as many scenic spots along the road. Xingping is a small town along the riverside of Li River. It was built over one thousand years ago and is one of the most famous historical towns in Guangxi Province.


Longsheng County

Longji Terraced Fields is one of the most famous terraced fields in China. It is located at Longsheng County in Guilin. There are two parts of terraced field, Ping’an and Dazhai. >>more

 pingan terrace  Longji Terrace
        Ping’an Terraced Field          Dazhai Terraced Field


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