The following is a list of tips of Guilin travel.

When you take a taxi, be careful about the low price offered by the driver. Sometimes the driver will take you to the hotels and restaurants that are expensive.

Do not trust a person you meet randomly claims that he could give you very cheap price about tickets of scenic spots, hotels etc.

There are many hostels and inns in Yangshuo. Most of them offer booking service for Li River cruise, shows, entrance ticket of attractions etc. Usually tourists will get a budget discount.

You’d better book the hotel in advance especially in peak seasons.

Check the weather report in advance and take your umbrella with you in rainy seasons.

The sunlight is strong in Guilin, so take your sunscreen cream.

The Li River is running across the city, do not try to swim in the water and be careful with your belongings.

Take enough cash with you. Credit card are not available in many hotels, restaurants and stores in Guilin,especially in Yangshuo County.

One of the best ways to travel around Yangshuo is cycling. Natural landscape in Yangshuo is the most beautiful in Guilin. There is a road called Shili Gallery. With many attractions along the road, it is a great way to cycle around the road.


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