A S-shaped tiny street runs through the town, the only one in the town, called West Street, so named for many of the inhabitants along the street are foreigners.  West Street is a commercial street in Yangshuo County. The history of West Street dates back to over 1400 years ago. At that time, there were only a few grocery stores in the street. Now, it has become a popular street that you can find many foreigners walking around the street and even become the boss of a bar or restaurant. You may find almost everyone here could speak English. There are signs written in both Chinese and English.Book a Yangshuo Tour

There are no big shopping malls in Yangshuo. Instead, you will find a lot of unique shops selling traditional handcrafts, hand-made scarfs, snacks of local flavor etc. It is quite fun to explore these small shops even if you don’t buy anything. Small shops and stalls selling art crafts, souvenirs, and local specialties line the street. Yangshuo is actually one of the best places for shopping cheap souvenirs. Many of the foreigner visitor as well as a lot of Chinese tourists would like to purchase some memos and bargains to bring back home.

West Street is a place where traditional culture and foreign culture hits. It is place for tourists to get away from the busy life and relax. Take your time in Yangshuo. It is a place worth visiting.

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